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How satisfied were you with your Zil Air experience ?

TOUCH DOWN…suspense, excitement and preparations in the Zil Air hangar over the last few days has finally been rewarded with the arrival of our new baby, S7-EVE.

With 4800 nautical miles now under her wings, the new Zil Air Vulcanair P68C fixed-wing aircraft touched down in Seychelles at 16:15 today.

Functional yet luxurious, the aircraft provides space for up to five adults providing passengers with ample space in comfortable leather seats…. an experience synonymous with Zil Air’s aerial limo services. This Vulcanair underlines the core values of design excellence, the use of contemporary materials and the confidence of superb build quality and innovation.

The Vulcanair entered the Seychelles Aircraft Registry (call sign S7-EVE) on July 7th and the epic delivery flight to Seychelles departed Naples in Italy on 8th July routing via the island of Rhodes in Greece, on to Luxor in Egypt then to Djibouti and on to Malindi on the Kenyan coast before finally flying to Seychelles. Highly experienced Captains Dooley and Plows have updated and shared their adventures with us, and one of the most valued contributors to this incredible journey has been the perfect performance of EVE, together with more or less favourable weather conditions flying beneath clear blue skies. Flying across the endless desert legs they encountered amongst other things, a massive sand storm sending clouds of dust high into the sky visible for miles.

Mr Francis Savy, Executive Director of Zil Air and the Zil Air staff have followed the aircraft’s flight path via the internet live on ‘Spider tracks’, where the aircraft’s actual position is updated in real-time every 2 minutes together with speed, altitude and heading information. Mr Savy commented: “Today’s technology makes travelling across inhospitable territory a lot safer and simple. With our ability to monitor our crew and equipment throughout the journey this afforded us peace of mind and allowed us to focus on assisting our team with the task of flying EVE safely to our shores”

Zil Air looks forward to introducing EVE into commercial operations in September. The next few weeks will be dedicated to converting two Zil Air Seychellois Captains to aircraft type, a responsibility Captain David Plows has undertaken to perform.

There are few things more luxurious than having the option of choice and the rising popularity of ‘bespeaking’ has risen dramatically. By enhancing carte blanche selections to our aerial limo services, Zil Air’s ‘tailored’ choice now offer, to you our valued hospitality partners, a host of enticing new opportunities encompassing style, quality and character.

The Zil Air team extend their appreciation and thanks to all service providers and we count on your support and enthusiasm to help propel our expanded offerings and initiatives forward, for the ultimate benefit of your clients.

About Zil Air

Zil Air is the premium provider of aerial limo services in the Seychelles. We operate four state of the art Airbus EC 120B and one Airbus EC 145 Twin Engine Helicopter, alongside a twin-engine fixed wing Vulcan Air P68C.

With a modern commercial fleet, Zil Air offers visitors the ultimate in comfort and safety when travelling to over 30 helipads and 7 landing strips. Such great accessibility across the archipelago allows our guests to travel at their convenience be it for transfers to and from their luxury island resorts, scenic flights and excursions just to name a few.

Zil Air commenced Commercial Helicopter Operations on April 1 2009 and has since grown its fleet to 5 Helicopters and 1 plane operating 7 days a week supported by a young and dedicated team of 75 personnel.

Media contact: Ms. Valerie Lebon +248 263 1744

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