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How satisfied were you with your Zil Air experience ?


A 'safety first' culture

Zil Air is committed to the safest aviation operating standards possible and to the provision of a safe and healthy working environment free of all recognised hazards for its employees and guests. These standards are upheld and enforced by regular internal audits and periodic external audits by independent industrial safety auditors. Zil Air has adopted an uninhibited reporting policy of all threats, hazards and incidents which may compromise the safe conduct of our VIP service, which therefore ensures the highest level of safety and reliability. We have invested in the latest technology for our aircraft and follow a rigorous training programme to ensure that our team are providing the most effective service at all times, with a 'safety-first' culture.

Travel safety during COVID-19

In light of the ongoing pandemic and as part of our Health & Safety procedures, we have taken measures to ensure that guests are safe and protected at every step of their journey.

Guests are required to check-in at least 30 minutes prior to their flight departure. This is to ensure that there is enough time to complete all health and safety procedures.

It is mandatory for all passengers (aged 2 years and over) to wear a face mask on Zil Air premises and on all flights. Guests are advised to bring their own mask, and to ensure that their mouth and nose are properly covered at all times.

Zil Air has enhanced disinfection measures at its premises, the Lounge and on board all of its flights

Please refer to the Ministry of Health website on for all information regarding Entry and Stay Conditions for Travellers visiting Seychelles.

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