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Discover Cousin Excursion


Flight Time : Afternoon excursion, 45 mins flying time


Euro: 1,795 (all inclusive)

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Additional Information

The Discover Cousin excursion offers up to 4 guests an afternoon of discovering and learning about one of the first internationally owned reserves on the island of Cousin!

*The price quoted is as per departure from Zil Air base. This package can be booked from other helipads across the islands. This will cause rate to vary.


Trip Highlights

Cousin is a 27 hectare granitic island lying approximately 2 kilometres from Praslin. It became one of the world’s first internationally owned Nature Reserves when it was purchased in 1968 by the International Council for the Protection of Birds (ICBP), now Bird Life International.

Their objective was to save the last remaining population of the unique Seychelles Warbler. This island is an outstanding example of how to convert a coconut plantation back into a rich bio-diverse sanctuary.

A 90 minute walk with a park ranger to introduce you to their conservation program. This is a unique opportunity to see and enjoy the abundant wildlife on the island!

Your package includes:

  • H-120 helicopter transfer from Zil Air Base to Cousin Island
  • A private ranger for tour guiding
  • Afternoon at leisure at the beach
  • H-120 helicopter transfer back to Zil Air Base


Guests are requested to organise their own refreshment and snacks for this trip.

*This excursion is valid from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm