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From € 2,837 (all inclusive)

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Aride, Bird Sanctuary Excursion


Flight Time : Full day excursion, 55 mins flying time


Euro: 2,837 (all inclusive)

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Additional Information

The Aride, Bird Sanctuary excursion offers up to 4 guests a full day of exploration and adventure at the Nature Reserve on the island of Aride .

*The price quoted is as per departure from Zil Air base. This package can be booked from other helipads across the islands. This will cause rate to vary. 


Trip Highlights

Alongside Aldabra, Aride hosts one of the most important seabird populations in the Indian Ocean. Eighteen species of native birds (including five only found in Seychelles) breed on Aride; this is far more than on any other granitic island. 3 hour walk with a private ranger to explore the fauna and flora and see birds like you’ve never seen before. A true heaven for nature lovers!

Your package includes:

  • H-120 helicopter transfer from Zil Air Base to Aride Island
  • A private ranger for tour guiding
  • Afternoon at leisure at the beach
  • H-120 helicopter transfer back to Zil Air Base


Guests are requested to organise a picnic basket for their lunch and any other refreshments they may require.


Enjoy some time in the island sun, resting your toes in the talcum white sand of the Seychelles!