H-120 Airbus, service par excellence…

The Airbus H-120 single engine helicopters are new generation helicopters embracing the very latest technology and are manufactured in France by Airbus.

The H-120 was specially designed for commercial passenger operations and are the quietest helicopters in their class, with wide cabin layouts and spacious cargo bays, allows us to provide ‘passenger friendly’ services par excellence.



Key Features

  • Three main blade rotor system offering added noise reduction and stability in fight
  • Wide cabin space enabling excellent visibility
  • Fully air conditioned with state of the art noise cancelling headsets and leather interior trim
  • State of the art crash worthy energy absorbent seats and crash-resistant fuel system for added safety
  • Inflatable floats for landing on water in case of emergency
  • Luggage
  • Passengers

Luggage capacity for up to four large soft suitcases including golf bags and mid-size fishing rods.

A maximum of 4 passengers and 2 infants onboard each helicopter. Infants aged 1 day to not exceeding 23 months can be seated on parent’s laps. Children over the age of 2 must occupy their own seat under adult supervision.

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